Make Music From ScratchPad

Tweak, scratch, and stutter loops on the fly anywhere, anytime. Create beats and grooves in seconds with ScratchPad by dragging and dropping loops from any genre right onto each expression pad. Play up to 9 loops at the same time and manipulate them using the effects on each expression pad. Add in the XY Filter Pad for even more control.

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Available for the iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini


  • Remix & Tweak an assortment of loops and genres
  • Manipulate loops on the fly
  • Record your live performance
  • Never lose the beat, stay on time all the time
  • Import your own loops using dropbox
  • No musical skills required

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Using it in a band

Using ScratchPad


Tape stop any loop or even an entire column. Simply move your finger downwards on each expression pad and your audio loops will come to a halt just like a real turntable.


Move your finger along the top of expression pad for 4 different stutter speeds to tweak and glitch your tracks. Tracks stay in time all the time so you never lose your spot in a loop.


Slide your fingers from left to right for scratch effects. The scratch effect changes in sound the faster and slower you move your fingers across the expression pad.


Manipulate your tracks on the fly using the XY Filter Pad using the two different filter types, Low Pass and High Pass. Up & down adjusts resonance, left & right adjusts cutoff.

Drop / Replace

Preview, Drag, Drop, and Replace ScratchPad's loops in the middle of your performance with ease, or import your own loops using Dropbox.


Record your entire performance to an audio file and show it to your friends and fans. Once recorded, just play it from the browser or export it to Dropbox.